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What is Domiciliary care service?

The whole concept of Domiciliary care aims at providing you with the extra support you need at home. Domiciliary care services respond to the health needs of fragile people in general; the non-self-sufficient individuals, the elderly, the disabled, and the minors whose need for home care services is on a temporal or extended duration.

Our domiciliary care services aren’t just available to support you at home with household chores, personal care, or companionship visit, we are also always present to prevent disability, manage chronicity and help improve the quality of life.

What home care service can we provide?
We provide various types of homemade tailored to meet your specific needs and duration.At Tilda Healthcare, we are readily available to walk with you through different life stages.
 Our home care service is designed in such a way that it meets your needs based on individuality and preferences.
At Tilda Healthcare, we care about your home, your surroundings, and the memories you have created around it, and so we help you safely remain in your home.

Our services can be categorized into two:

  •  The short-term home care
  • The long-term home care

    Short-term home care services come into play when there are cases of :

  •  Recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery
  • Unavailability of your caregiver due to breaks
  • Beginning of your care journey
  • Long-term home care services come into play when you have to hire support in the home for a long period and this can be a result of:
    • Disability of your or your loved one
    • Living with chronic and/or progressive conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia.
    In these cases, there must be a consistent source of care and support in the home.

At Tilda Healthcare, we have fully trained dedicated team members that are passionate about you or your loved ones’ well-being. They are always present in carrying out activities such as:

  • Helping you start your day; ranging from getting up, to taking your baths, to getting dressed and having a good breakfast.
  • Ensuring your medications are not skipped
  • Helping with the preparation of your meals
    Outings; a collection of your pension, shopping with you, helping you with your shopping list, arranging the groceries.
  • Help you with the general household chores
  • Always present to support you wherever you are out there for social gatherings
    Personal care; a little pampering when you need it will not harm.
  • At the end of the day, you are sure to get some help with getting ready for bed.
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