Tildahealth Care: The Care You Want - When And Where You Need It

At Tilda we recognize the importance of our clients leading independent, and enriched lives. We provide professional and reliable aid that caters to a wide range of support needs so our clients feel safe, secure, and supported.
This can include basic activities of daily living: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking), and continence care for seniors who may require a little extra help. We can also arrange 24-hour care or even a live-in arrangement for our clients who have higher support needs.

Many times, family caregivers enlist the help of someone else – whether a friend, sibling or paid professional – to help with certain tasks when they have their hands full. Our professional caregivers can be a great relief to overworked family caregivers who need a break.

24-Hour Home Care Services

Maintaining our client’s dignity is our priority. Our caregivers are trained to be care professionals who understand how it may be uncomfortable to need assistance with personal care. That’s why there is a high degree of compassion and attentiveness to ensure our client’s dignity is maintained throughout this service.
There are times when clients need around-the-clock care. Depending on the need, we can coordinate caregiving with shifts of employees who can provide specific services including night care. In many instances, this type of continuous in-home care service is provided for clients who are at risk when unattended, such as individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other dementia-related conditions.

Our services are intended for people who wish to live in their own homes but need a little extra support in maintaining their day-to-day activities. They can be useful after post-acute and rehabilitation care in clinics, or after a respite period in nursing homes. These services include assistance with getting up, going to bed, washing, meal assistance, household help, and administrative assistance. They are offered by qualified life assistants with at least three years of experience.
The services are coordinated daily by a single contact person. The information relating to the services and care pathways of each person is centralized in a secure space in accordance with current GDPR policies. We ensure your private information is permanently accessible, and shared with all people involved (relatives, health professionals, and life support workers) according to the wishes of the person being cared for.

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