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At Tildahealth Care, we believe that our night care service is just as important as every other service we render. The comfort and care of our clients remain our team’s topmost priority and if this means working at night to make our clients comfortable, then our dedicated team members are up to the tasks.

Overnight care is when a carer stays in your home overnight to maintain your daily routine. Care needs don’t stop at the end of the working day; Overnight Care gives you access to our trained professionals throughout the night to support even the most complex of needs.

Sleeping Nights

Our sleeping Night services require that our care assistant sleeps at the client’s place for a minimum of 8 hours and is on hand if required.

It is the best option to opt for if you are not in need of regular support.

We recommend the services of our sleeping night care professional for clients who suffer from anxiety and sleep deprivation, as this helps to increase their chances of getting quality sleep hence, making them healthier. Also, the consciousness of someone being around will help our client feel more relaxed and happy.

Waking Night

At Tildahealth care, we recommend the waking night option for our clients that falls under these categories:

  • If you suffer from sleep disorders
  • If you wake up several times in between sleep
  • If you have to wake up at regular intervals during the night to change position due to injury
  • If medications have to be administered at regular intervals
    Our waking night service spans throughout the night for a minimum of 8 hours and you can be guaranteed that the waking night professional is there at your side as and when you need their service for the duration of the night, providing a high level of extra support.
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