Tildahealth Care: The Care You Want - When And Where You Need It

A healthy body facilitates a healthy mind.

Maintaining a healthy diet and physical fitness is key to a healthy body and mind. We believe that we can cultivate our minds to be healthier, and more durable through stimulation, in the same way, we can build up our bodies to be stronger through physical exercise.

At Tilda healthcare, we focus on ways to reduce stressors your body may react to, to minimize the number of adverse reactions to your body and mind. We dedicate a sufficient amount of time towards exercise as it has been proven to boost self-esteem, mental alertness, and the ability to learn. This is where activities like workouts, physical games, and other activities aimed at promoting both physical and mental health are especially beneficial—a great body and mind help in balancing and reducing stress throughout one’s life.

We all value good health and yearn to achieve a healthy body and mind; however, we can often overlook the true definition of what it truly means to be healthy. In a rush to get fit quickly, we forget that good health is not just about the absence of disease or fat, but it involves a healthy lifestyle, healthy mental growth, and healthy ways of relating to all living beings and nature. This requires regular, consistent efforts and realistic lifestyle change, not short-term fast-fad diets or weight training programs.

With a commitment to promoting general health and well-being, Tilda Healthcare delivers person-centered care, personal/practical care, support, and domestic tasks, respite care, holiday care, live-in care, companionship, and management of medication, amongst other care duties.